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Client Centered Flexible Support

Based in Cardiff and operating around South Wales, Consilio Construction has a commitment to quality, reliability, and professionalism.  With our trusted supplier network, we are able to offer a full range of services to support your building project needs. 
We can arrange architectural drawings should your extension, conversion, or refurbishment require them, help you develop a full scope of work for the project, provide accurate fully costed free quotes using our links to Quantity Surveyors and provide full independent project management support.  We truly believe we are able to support our clients from concept to creation and provide them the flexibility to tailor our services to their exact needs to ensure their vision is fully realized.


Professional Integrity

We understand how stressful a building project can be, and how inconvenient it can be for families living in a home undergoing major building work.  As such, we aim to provide a level of certainty and security over our delivery of projects. When we say we will deliver, we will?  Trustworthiness and transparency are fundamental to our values and therefore we will ensure regular updates on the status of the work.  Taking a proactive approach, we ensure clients are made fully aware of any potential issues that might impact the project as soon as they arise, and strive to work with clients to resolve these as efficiently as possible with minimal impact on the project delivery schedule or scope.

This is evident in our desire to work with a qualified QS in pricing up projects, so there are no hidden costs.  Likewise, we focus on managing projects within an agreed delivery schedule, ensuring regular reporting of progress to clients against delivery timelines

Obviously unforeseen circumstances, illness, and even the weather can have an impact on building projects, however, with a focus on customer service, we make it a priority to deliver on time and on budget.

Attention to Detail

Client satisfaction is at the forefront of our work, which is why our attention to detail is second to none.  Working closely with clients to fully understand their expectations and desires, we strive to exceed these by offering fully drafted schedules of work and independent project management support.
This approach keeps clients engaged through the building project and ensures the team maintains focus on creating properties that are both impressive and inviting.

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Social Responsibility

Consilio Constriction is very focused on addressing the stress and inconvenience that a building project causes.  We are also very aware of how this is not just about how the final product will look and when it will be completed.  It also involves the general disruption around the home and neighborhood for the duration of the build.

As a result, we at Consilio Construction always take great care and effort to keep this disruption to a minimum. From managing demolition work, removing waste products regularly, keeping noise to a minimum, maintaining the site itself, and reducing traffic around the site to ensuring the site is left clean and tidy at the end of a job, our aim is to ensure our work leaves as minimal an impact on the daily lives and environments of our clients and their neighbors.